A new take on free range eggs

The idea started with Galimax business partner, Corne Mans, to have free range eggs in small flocks (no more then 300 chickens per flock) to serve the hotel and restaurant trade (and us, Fieldboxes).


Galimax operates out of Nobleford (very close to Lethbridge). There are many Dutch immigrant families in the area. That means a lot of teenagers. Each farm is, by law, allowed 300 chickens. They presently have 13 small local producers, supervised by their parents if necessary, producing beautiful free range brown eggs.

Why not eggs from one big producer you may ask? Here are the reasons.

1. Small free range flocks means very little chance of disease.

2. Free range chickens are chickens which can go outside any time they want to. You can see these chickens poke around outside in -20 Celsius. These are definitely happy chickens opposite to caged or battery chickens which can barely move (a truly miserable life).

3. It gives young people (the teenagers) a chance to learn about business, responsibility etc.

4. There is always a supply of free range fresh eggs. The producers usually deliver twice a week. It is a true madhouse on Saturdays with all these people coming with their eggs and not get the paper work mixed up.

5. The feed for these chickens, all except for one producer, comes from the same farmer owned feed mill. No growth hormones or any other unnatural “stuff”.

Presently, Galimax gathers and inspects about 1000 dozen eggs per week and they are ready to take on some more customers. Standing orders are filled first. Smallest orders are 15 dozen per box.

And as of as much importance, the Galimax facility in Nobleford is a CFIA approved egg grading facility.


Georgina of Fieldboxes and Rudy of Galimax

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