2013 was our first season of Fieldboxes, a farm gate to dinner plate concept which is sprouting up in many locations. The popularity is due in part to people taking more interest in locally produced natural and/or organic foods. These quality food products are not only tastier and healthier than much of the conventional supermarket foods, but they support local communities and are environmentally friendly as well. Many of our producers are certified organic, CFIA certified, and/or antibiotic and pesticide free.

Our FieldBox program runs from June 12, 2014 to October 9, 2014 over an 18-week period, with a 7 week Extended Fall Season Membership. One can participate in two ways – either by purchasing a membership which would provide you with a weekly box of basic locally grown organic/natural vegetables (or a half membership which provides a bi-weekly box of locally grown organic/natural vegetables). Or rather than purchasing a membership, you can participate by placing custom orders through our on-line order page; on-line orders must be a minimum of $30.

Your weekly (or bi-weekly) membership boxes may be a more convenient way for you to participate in receiving your Fieldbox of fresh locally grown biological and/or organic produce, and it is an approximate 12% savings compared to customized produce orders.

Whether by way of membership participation, or just placing a customized order, note that you can supplement your order with

  • Additional natural and certified organic produce
  • certified organic goat and/or cow dairy, including everything from milks, yogurts, sour creams, crème freshe, cheeses, curds, and creams including 52% organic cream
  • natural grass fed & finished Wagyu/Certified Red Angus cross beef
  • honey
  • cold pressed camolina and canola oils,
  • dog bones
  • and other natural/organic food products that have been locally grown/produced.

Full membership is $400 for the 18 week period, and $250 for bi-weekly (9 weeks) delivery of FieldBoxes; we will pro-rate memberships who join us mid-season.  Plus there is a 7 week Extended Fall membership for $155 for full members and $100 for half members.

We work with over 20 growers/producers, and most are within a 50 km radius of us.

When placing customized on-line orders, or supplementing your Fieldbox membership, orders are to be placed by Sunday noon; we then place your orders with our suppliers by Monday; harvesting occurs Tuesday/Wednesday, and we box and deliver to our centralized pick up point by Thursday (or deliver to your home if within the Coalhurst/Lethbridge/Coaldale corridor for a nominal fee of $144 for full membership and $72 for half memberships).

Thank you to Cuppers (located at 1502 3 Ave South Lethbridge) who has welcomed Fieldboxes as the centralized pick-up point.  Perhaps some freshly roasted coffee while picking up as well?