About FieldBoxes: 
”FieldBoxes” is an 18-week program by which full members will receive a basic produce box each week, beginning June 2015.  You may also opt for a half membership in which case you will receive the basic produce box every second week. And new this year is the Extended 7 week Fall Season Membership;  $154 for full members and $100 for half members. Back to top

Must I commit to an 18-week membership? 
 A committed membership base provides consistently reliable quality and service. You may choose a full membership or a half membership. Without a membership, you may order on-line any time and we will prepare your FieldBox for the next week. In this case, the minimum order is $30.00. 

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How does it work? 
In addition to your basic FieldBox, you place your order prior to Sunday night and we will compile the orders and coordinate with our supplier. We will put your personal order together on Wednesday night and keep it cool until delivery on Thursday. Back to top

What is included in my FieldBox? You will receive seasonal, fresh produce based on what is available during that time of the growing season. Produce such as carrots and beets etc. are available later in the summer. We will select and fill your FieldBox with the best of what is available to ensure the freshest produce possible. Back to top

What can I add to my FieldBox? You are encouraged to add to your FieldBox. Check out the products on our order page and add what ever you like. There are many delicious items to choose from such as organic dairy (cow and goat), specialty meats, farm fresh eggs, and pet treats. Watch for our promotional items too. We will be promoting new products as they come available (for example fair trade coffees, specialty grains, etc). As these products come available we will put advertisements on the website and build them into the ordering page. Back to top

How do I get my FieldBox? 
You have two choices to get your FieldBox. We will be set up for pickup in the parking lot at Cuppers Coffee & Tea located at 1502 – 3 Ave S. Lethbridge on Thursdays from 4:30 to 6:30pm. Look for signs in the parking lot. Your second option is to have your FieldBox delivered by signing up for weekly delivery. We will try to deliver on Thursday as well depending on demand.

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Do I have to be home for a delivery? 
You do not have to be home for us to deliver your FieldBox. We will leave your FieldBox wherever you indicate in your delivery instructions (ie. garage, porch, front step, shed, with a neighbor, etc). Back to top

What if I live in an apartment and choose delivery?
 Please contact us directly for specific delivery instructions. You must be home to accept delivery or we will bring it back to our warehouse for you to pick up. Back to top

What if we go on holidays for part of the summer? Enjoy your much-deserved holiday! Please advise us 2 weeks in advance of when you will be away and we will carry that credit forward on your account. Back to top

How are FieldBoxes and Pure Savour related? You will see that these two sites are connected by a link on each site. Georgina and Brent are the owner and operators of both of these businesses . We produce grass-fed and grass-finished Wagyu/Angus beef. These animals are raised locally and are pesticide-free, antibiotic-free, hormone-free and ractopamine-free as well. These animals are raised slowly as nature intended resulting in exceptional flavor and juiciness. Check out our website at Back to top

Where does local produce come from and is it organic? We strive to find local producers (within 50km) with the best quality products. Many of these producers are certified organic. Check our list of Farmers and have a look at their websites.
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What is “organic” food? 
Organic food is grown and processed without synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or antibiotics. This provides better-tasting and healthier foods for you and your family. Producing organic food benefits the environment as well in that it generally requires less water and results in less harmful pollutants getting into soil, water, air and on up the food chain. Eating organic is healthier as the consumer is not ingesting toxins and is getting a healthier load of vitamins and minerals as nature intended. Organic agriculture is a rapidly expanding industry. “Worldwide (in 2011), about 37.2 million hectares of agriculture land are certified according to organic standards, and there are about 1.8 million certified organic producers”. (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada ,2013) Back to top

Where can I find out more about organic food and related issues? 
The following links may be useful places to learn more about organic food.

How do I pay for my FieldBox? 
Our website has been set up with PayPal for easy payment, all you need is a PayPal account. We also accept cheques or cash, but we are set up for credit cards. Back to top

Will I be charged for the full 18 weeks right away? 
You will pay your membership fee up front and this will cover the weekly basic produce. This results in about a 12% savings to you over typical retail cost. Any additions you make to your order will be paid at the time that you submit your order through PayPal. Back to top

FieldBox boxes? 
There is a refundable ($24.00) deposit for the green FieldBox boxes. Please drop off your empty box when you pick up your new box. If we are delivering to you then please have your empty box at the drop off location so we can pick it up when we drop off your new box. Back to top

What if I forget to return last week’s empty box? 
No problem, we will collect two empty boxes at your next pick up or delivery.

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What if I have a question or concern about my FieldBox? 
We will guarantee every item in your box. We will carefully select each item to ensure freshness. If any product does not meet your expectations, please contact us at We will replace that item in your next delivery. Please keep in mind that organic foods may be smaller and may have irregular colours and shapes…this is the nature of organic foods. Organic foods will require immediate refrigeration to keep them from spoiling quickly as they do not have artificial preservatives in them. Please feel free to contact us at the numbers or emails below for any concerns or questions.

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How do I contact FieldBox? 403.380.9064

How do I contact Pure Savour?
403.380.9064 or 403.331.5280