The farm gate to dinner plate concept has been growing in awareness and popularity. As we become more aware of what we consume and how it impacts our health, ecological sustainability, and animal welfare, many are demanding local, natural, and ethically grown foods.

FieldBoxes offers you the opportunity to participate in local, natural, and ethical foods. Working with over 20 local, natural, and organic farm families within a 50 km radius from Lethbridge, FieldBoxes offers you seasonal quality products.

All products are free of antibiotics, added hormones, ractopamine (and other drugs), and bleach; we cannot guarantee that the produce grown in outdoor fields is free from pesticides.

You can participate by either signing up for a 18-week membership ($400.), a half membership (bi-weekly for $250.), or by placing customized orders (as well as supplementing your membership orders) on-line. You place your order by Sunday evening, we place our orders with the suppliers by Monday mid-day, the local farms harvest Tuesday and Wednesday, and we box and deliver your FieldBoxes on Thursday.

With FieldBoxes, you will be supporting local family farms, saving time and money, and eating seasonal fresh foods all while reducing your carbon footprint.