Pure Savour – Beef Purists

Local, Humane, Natural raised grass fed/finished Angus/Wagyu cross Beef.

Pure Savour, Beef Purists, beef simply tastes better. Better tasting beef is determined by a number of factors: cattle breed,  grass-fed vs grain-fed, and the nature of the environment in which they are raised.

Pure Savour, Beef Purists, is a family operation that provides humanely raised natural grass fed and finished beef to local consumers that value  the natural slow process of raising the animals, without added hormones, antibiotics, and drugs.  And perhaps most important, Pure Savour, Beef Purists, beef has exceptional flavour, juiciness, and tenderness.

Please go to www.puresavour.ca for more information, and for placing your orders.

J+M Rabbit Farms

Natural Grown Rabbit (no growth hormones) Whole rabbits only