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  • Canadian Fruitful Tree Company
  • Mans Certified Organic
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  • Phoenix Farms
  • Fairwinds Farm
  • Vital Green Farms
  • Kootney Alpine Cheese Company
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Pure Savour, Beef Purists, Lethbridge, AB.

Pure Savour, Beef Purists, is a family operation that provides humanely raised natural grass fed and finished beef to local consumers that value the natural slow process of raising the animals, and the beef’s exceptional flavour, tenderness, and juiciness. Pure Savour, Beef Purists, raises beef that is local, humane, and natural.

We are located in South Western Alberta; cattle are wintered and calve south of Lethbridge, and summer outside of Waterton. Our children are fourth generation cattlemen and are full participants of the farm/ranch.

We believe in healthy food that tastes as it was meant to. That means naturally raised, grass fed and finished beef that grows slower but truer to its natural environment.

We believe in sustainability, which means working with the ecology of the land in order to sustain a healthy herd, a healthy environment, and a healthy community of which we are part of. We are mindful of the native grass that feeds our animals and protecting the riparian areas for other species that depend on the land and water as much as we do.


Fairwind Farms

Fairwinds Farms Fort Macleod, Alberta

The Oudshoorn family was born and raised in southern Alberta. Ben and Anita have been farming together for 25 years with their family. In 1994 they bought their first goats for one of their children and learned how to make yoghurt and cheese for their family and friends. In 1998 the Oudshoorn family became licensed to produce milk for sale at their family farm in Nobleford, Alberta. They began to milk and produce goat products in 1999. Within a few short years the family began to distribute plain yoghurt for organic grocery stores, slowly adding more flavours to the stock.

In 2003 Oudshoorn’s moved to a farm in Fort Macleod Alberta their goal was to be self sustaining and organic and felt the move was necessary. At their new location near Fort Macleod they are able to grow and produce their feed for the goats and also supply fertilizer from the goat manure for crops.

At the Fort Macleod farm they began cheese production, mainly chevre and feta. They also began to look at the process of becoming certified organic. Being organic forces them to milk more goats in order to be able to supply year around. They produce a lot of extra milk in the summer when the young kids are weaned from their mothers. To use this up they decided to produce aged varieties of cheese for our customers to enjoy later on during the winter months. Supplies of milk are always low during the winter months because the herd is in different stages of gestation and lactation. This affects the milk supply. Goats, unlike dairy cows will not breed any month of the year.

Being organic ensures that no hormones, or different methods to induce breeding will be used. The goats are able to access pasture year around and during winter months they are given shelter from the elements and have access to fresh air and space to roam if desired. The goats come inside to be milked twice daily and are fed an organic whole grain treat when they are in the parlour. They are then free to go and eat their greens of fresh organic hay that we produce on the farm in the summer.



Mans Organics

Mans Organics Coaldale, Alberta

Mans Organics is a certified organic farm owned and operated by Henk and Rita Mans and their son Andrew and his wife Denise. They are located in beautiful southern Alberta, near Coaldale, and have grown organic crops for five years. Their focus has been on growing quality, organic red and yellow onions, shallots, and garlic, with alfalfa and barley for rotation.

More recently, in 2012, they built an organic greenhouse that spans approximately half an acre. In their greenhouse they produce tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers.

They decided to begin farming organically as their family had always been aware of the risks of eating produce that is grown with much chemical and fertilizer treatment. They use all organic methods of controlling weeds and insects on their farm.



Vital Green Logo-POOR

Vital Green Farms Picture Butte, Alberta

Vital Green Farms is a family operated, local, organic dairy farm with on- farm processing, located in the Picture Butte area. Our goal is to keep everything as close to nature as possible. This starts by feeding the soils with the natural nutrients that the plants take up and which in turn the animals eat and put into natures most miraculous food: MILK.

All our products are non homogenized, which gives it the “good olden days taste”. We pasteurize our products at low temperature, which is the minimum required by law.

It is their goal to make healthy, safely grown organic vegetables available to a wider population.
Vital Green Farms is the only independent organic dairy farm left in Alberta, and they produce some wonderful dairy. We’ve been carrying their yogurts for a while now and have now expanded our catalogue to include certified organic milk, cheeses, and buttermilk.


Leffers Organics, Coaldale, Alberta

The Leffers Farm is owned and operated by the Leffers brothers, Howard and Cornelius. The 400 acre farm was their parents’, however in 1990, with their father’s support Howard got his start on the farm with Cornelius joining him a few years later.

Leffers Farm is located north of Coaldale and northeast of Lethbridge. The Leffers started down the organic road in 2002 and had their first organic field in 2005. If the brothers had decided to do the whole farm at once it would have taken years, instead, they’ve chosen to do it in stages. At this point, all the vegetables they grow are certified organic. The Leffers have decided to focus their business on growing a select number of crops and doing that well. Crops on the farm include carrots, winter cereals, alfalfa, edible beans and certified organic red and gold beets. There is a small, certified organic black currant patch they harvest too.

Canadian Fruitful Tree Company, Kelowna, B.C.

The Canadian Fruitful Tree Company is an orchard based company in Kelowna, B.C. Canada. In a CFIA inspected facility on the farm, we dehydrate B.C. grown fruits and berries. All of our products are suitable for gluten and nut free diets. No additives or preservatives are added to our products. With pride, we enjoy preparing beautiful fruits and berries which are packaged singly or blended with other products, for you to use in your kitchens, or to offer in your shops.
With pride we offer our products to you.. straight from the TREEZ!

Kootenay Alpine Logo-Pood

Kootenay Alpine Cheese Company, Creston, B.C.

Like the century’s old cheese making tradition in Europe, we wanted to create a specialty cheese that reflects the landscape, life and culture of the place it comes from. Our farmstead cheese is handcrafted following the tradition of artisan cheese-makers, and is made using only the raw milk from our own certified organic herd. Each cheese is carefully aged in order to develop a rich, complex flavor that is unique to our milk, our farm, and our region.
The careful management of our family run farm is one of the great satisfactions of our lives. We use no pesticides, GMO’s or chemical fertilizer on the land. We nurture and replenish the soil through many sustainable management practices, including the application of composted manure from the farm and whey from the cheese making process. The health of our herd is maintained following organic practices, with no hormones being used. We are certified organic.

Halma’s Vegetables, Cranford, AB.

Halma’s Vegetables, situated 19 miles east of Lethbridge on Highway 3, began in 1966. This is a third generation family run business. It has a store open year round in the yard and sells wholesale as well. The goal has always been to offer reasonably priced, locally grown, quality fresh produce with personal service.

Vegetables grown include: peas, beans, onions, carrots, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, corn, cabbage, beets, cucumbers, brussel sprouts, squash, pumpkins, zucchini, kohlrabi, turnips.

Robertson Estate BottleRobertson Estates, British Columbia

Located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of British Columbia we are a small artisan company passionate about creating the highest quality Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar that you can buy.

Using only the highest quality Cabernet Sauvignon grape juice we create a classic “Cab Sav” wine without any additives. Our wine is then placed into carefully tended French Oak barrels where using the time-honoured traditional Orleans process we are able to create the best tasting vinegar in the world.

The slow conversion process allows all the flavour and bouquet of the Cabernet Sauvignon to be retained. Our nutrient-rich vinegar forms the basis for numerous culinary wonders. Please visit our recipe section for some of those wonders.


Sudo Farms, Coaldale, AB.

Nobby Sudo and his wife have been growing unique varieties of squash and other field crops in the Coaldale area for more than 20 years.

Phoenix Potato Farms, Nobleford, AB.

Owned and operated by John Mans and sons, Phoenix Potatoe farms grows commercial and specialty potatoes. Fieldboxes offers 9 different varieties of these specialty potatoes.

J&M Farms, Lethbridge, AB.

At J & M Farms, we strive to bring the best that nature can provide to your family. We raise all our products as naturally as we can. No antibiotics or growth hormones……
Farming became an automatic venture for us both because we have both grown up on farms and love working and being around animals.

Our Rabbits are raised indoors so as to keep life regular and safe for them. They like the constant care given by Jim and trust him for their particular diet needs. Whether feeding, breeding or weaning, our rabbits know the regular routine and are content because of it.


Red Hat, Medicine Hat, AB.

We’re a passionate group of Alberta-based growers committed to getting the best quality produce from the roots, in to retailers, and finally onto the tables of homes across Canada. Over 50 members strong, we’re always working towards a safer and fresher way to collect, package and market produce. From bright Beefsteak Tomatoes and shiny Sweet Bell Peppers to crunchy Mini Cucumbers, we deliver value, healthy living, and a whole lot of flavour too – all under Canada’s sunniest skies.