What makes ‘local’ food local?

Giving the term “local” some credibility after many marketing campaigns made its use into just another schtick.


Federal food inspectors will now allow a much broader geographic definition in food marketers’ use of the word “local” while the label claim undergoes regulatory review.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said Friday it will include that particular label claim, among others, in its broader review of federal food labelling regulations, guidelines and policies.

Until now, CFIA has interpreted terms such as “local” and “locally grown” to mean a food that originated either within a 50-km radius of the place where it was sold, or within the same or an adjacent “local government unit” (for example, a town, county or municipality).

However, the agency said Friday, it now recognizes “this approach is outdated and does not reflect current food production practices or consumer needs and expectations.” Read more

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